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Lyyra, Helsinki, Finland

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The Science and Economy Block, Lyyra, represents cutting-edge green construction. The Lyyra block, currently under construction, will become a new landmark in the Kallio district of Helsinki.

The block, located above Hakaniemi metro station, will include new cafes, restaurants, services, a hotel, apartments, and over 7,000 m² of office space. Lyyra will be completed in phases between 2023 and 2024, and it is being constructed using Peikko's DELTABEAM® Composite Beams.
In the first phase, an office and commercial building was completed in Lyyra, while the foundations for the adjacent hotel building were being worked on simultaneously. The main contractor for the project, Haahtela, is operating under the name Ylva, and the structural design is being handled by Ramboll Finland Oy. Lyyra's architects are Cederqvist & Jäntti Arkkitehdit Oy and ARCO Architecture Company.
Peikko is responsible for supplying the steel components for Lyyra, including columns, DELTABEAM® composite beams, and PETRA® slab hangers. In addition, an open and spacious area has been created in the maintenance yard of the office and commercial building using an exceptional jumbo truss. This unique truss weighs over 30 tons, spans the entire maintenance yard, has a span of 22 meters, and a height of four meters. It transfers loads to the foundations from a height of eight floors.
The facade of Lyyra's buildings is striking but structurally challenging – sharp cantilevers built on steel beams are Lyyra's most prominent feature. The steel-framed top-floor panoramic restaurant and rooftop terrace of the office building also posed challenges to structural design. Sloping walls, long spans, and large window lines required special solutions, including the use of steel frames instead of traditional methods.
The DELTABEAM® composite beam system utilizes available space in two ways. Thanks to its slim-floor structure, it allows for increased room height or the construction of additional floors up to a certain height. The composite columns take up very little floor area, making more space available compared to other construction methods.
In densely built and bustling downtown Helsinki, new construction projects are generally challenging. Large deliveries must be scheduled outside of peak hours, and there is no room for storing components for extended periods on tight construction sites.
"The tighter and more precise the spaces, the better the entire project's execution must be planned," says Ilkka Venho, the Site Manager for Haahtela.
"The precision of deliveries, understanding the importance of logistics, and taking into account the site's requirements have been crucial to the project's success. Peikko's project managers genuinely care about the project's progress and are solution-oriented in times of change," Venho continues.
Sustainability has been a particular focus of the project. Lyyra's lifecycle carbon footprint has been assessed, and ambitious goals have been set for material reuse and reducing the buildings' footprint. Carbon footprint reduction measures include the use of biogas for heating, exploration of alternative raw materials, and improved energy efficiency. Solar panels and green roofs will be installed on the roofs.
Lyyra aims to achieve LEED Platinum certification, and the facilities are also targeting the highest possible A energy class regulated by the Finnish Ministry of the Environment. Lyyra's construction site participates in the Inclusive Worksites project, which is one of the pilot projects of the OECD's Business 4 Inclusive Growth network.
Another way to enhance environmental friendliness during the building's operational phase is to make it adaptable, allowing structures to be easily modified for new purposes throughout the building's lifecycle. The slim-floor structure of DELTABEAM® enables flexible floor plan design.
"In the second phase of the project, DELTABEAM® Green beams will be delivered, further reducing the project's carbon footprint," says Peikko's Sales Manager, Esa Hynninen.
"The project has progressed as planned, and even better than we expected. Much of this can be attributed to Haahtela's precise guidance and strong expertise. Detailed and carefully prepared calculation data has facilitated our work," Hynninen commends.
Conversely, Peikko's operations are praised by Haahtela. Venho remarks, "This has been excellent cooperation. Peikko's team visited the construction site and, on our behalf, invited us to visit Peikko's factory in Lahti to observe the production of beams. This genuinely promoted the project."
Lyyra Block exemplifies an innovative and sustainable construction project designed with durability and environmental responsibility in mind. Its impact on the Helsinki cityscape and the environment will be significant, setting a standard for green construction in the future.
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Peikko's Project Managers genuinely care about the project's progress and are solution-oriented in times of change.

Ilkka Venho, Site Manager

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7 000 m2
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Ramboll Finland
Cederqvist & Jäntti Arkkitehdit, ARCO Arcitecture Company
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