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Peikko Group Global (English)

Articles of Association

Article 1: The company's trade name and registered office

The company's trade name is Peikko Group Oy, in English Peikko Group Corporation, and its registered office is in Lahti.

Article 2: The company's sector of operation

The company's sector of operation comprises the provision of consolidated business management and administrative services, product development, and financial services.

Article 3: Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, which comprises no fewer than three (3) and no more than nine (9) regular members, sees to the administration of the company and the proper organization of its operations.

A Board member is elected to the position until further notice.

Article 4: Representation of the company

The company is represented by the Board of Directors, the managing director, and the chairperson of the Board, each of them separately alone, and by two Board members together.

The company's Board of Directors may provide a designated person with the right to represent the company or a procuration.

Article 5: The company's shares

The company has A shares and S shares. The shares have the same rights except for the right to a dividend. When a dividend is distributed, each S share entitles the owner to four times the share‑specific dividend compared to the dividend determined for A shares. Each S share can be converted into an A share at the request of the S shareholder.