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Customers and business areas

Peikko has divided its customers into four main groups.

Construction companies are working in building projects as general contractors, main contractors, subcontractors or delivering one specific solution to the project.

Investors can be either project developers who buy or rent a plot of land and order a building which will then be sold or rented. Investors can also operate in real estate business buying and renting existing buildings.

Designers are often architects either in city organizations or building design offices. Structural engineers define the structures in loadbearing structures or supporting systems, such as HVAC. In many countries, head designers are personally responsible for designed solutions, and therefore they deserve the best knowledge available. Structural designers value proper design and calculation tools as well as verified performance of the products.

Precaster’s business is premanufactured concrete components for infra and building projects. Their core business is to produce and deliver precast components, and many precasters also have their own design function and erection services.


Customer segments


including both DELTABEAM® Composite Beams sold as components and DELTABEAM® Frame where we offer more comprehensive frame solution.

Learn more about DELTABEAM®


Precast Connections

starting from our first ever product PD Tie, to the breakthrough innovation of column shoes and bolts. A comprehensive product portfolio for precasters.

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Cast in Situ Connections

connections used in the building sites such as punching systems, rebar couples; and structural thermal breaks.

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Wind Energy Applications

such as solutions for rock or gravity foundations, where apart from the products themselves, we also offer the design and site supervision services.

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