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Peikko Group Global (English)

History and ownership

Peikko was founded in 1965 in Lahti, Finland by Jalo Paananen and his friend Osmo Norvasto.

The current eight individual owners of Peikko Group Corporation, the parent company of all Peikko legal entities, are the son of the founder, Topi Paananen, and seven grandchildren of the founder. Topi Paananen is the controlling shareholder.

The ownership of Peikko Group Corporation is technically organized via three family holding companies, all registered and paying taxes in Finland: Mecatechno Oy, Next2 Oy, and Peikko Capital Oy. 

All Peikko’s country entities are 100% owned by Peikko Group Corporation, with two exceptions. Both in North America and in the Middle East, Peikko is running its business in co‑operation with a local partner, on 50/50 basis.



Company history short film

Take a closer look at who we are and where we are headed by watching the story of Peikko.