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Peikko striving for the sustainable building industry

The role and impact of the building industry

The building industry is responsible for major ecological impact, with 40% of total energy use globally and 30% of the global amount of waste. The concrete business has a particularly great responsibility in climate change as we account for a large proportion of this. The climate change is not just an environmental problem, but it has a devastating effect on future generations and their lives on this planet.

Future urbanization rapidly requires solutions to meet this challenge. For this reason, we in the building industry need to be innovative in creating solutions that are economical yet ecological and good for people. We need to provide products and solutions that greatly improve the sustainability of buildings during their whole life cycle. In addition, by providing our customers products that are manufactured by using recycled raw materials with lower CO2 emissions in the process, even challenging environmental targets can be achieved sooner than expected.

High-quality products in an environmentally sound way

Peikko is committed to constantly improve its operations and sustainability runs along in all R&D and manufacturing at Peikko. In addition, it is important to transparently communicate how Peikko is operating when it comes to environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters. It is not only important for our customers and employees, but also for other stakeholders and communities, where we are locally present and where our products exist. In many areas, we have already achieved a lot. Though, as a global company, there are many areas where we still need to improve and keep on working.


Our commitment

 “Sustainability is part of business in everything we do. It starts in our operations by reducing emissions and preserving resources, and continues by providing sustainable products and solutions for our customers. In that way, we can do for the environment much more since the real CO2 impact comes through our customers and us. Doing business responsibly with integrity, respecting diversity, and each other, reflects our core values.”

Peikko Group, CEO, Topi Paananen

Our contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals

Peikko supports the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

Sustainability is part of Peikko’s way of working. It enables us to deliver better solutions for our customers, drive operational efficiency, being an attracting employer for employees, manage risks, and support society in many ways. The nature of Peikko’s business guides which goals to focus on. We have chosen six goals closely linked to our business and where we believe we can make the biggest impact to people, planet, and society. These chosen goals are connected to our own operations covering several aspects, and they also support our customers in their actions to decrease CO2 emissions.

In 2030, a share of women working among Peikko's white collar employees is 40%. It was 29% in 2020 and 29% in 2023.


To accelerate Research & Development investments into sustainable building industry.

Peikko’s financial input to sustainable development projects has increased significantly during the last years. Currently, 47% of all development projects are considered as sustainable development projects

By 2025, DELTABEAM® Green will be used in a minimum of 100 building projects. As of 2023, DELTABEAM® Green has been utilized in 192 different projects.

To improve Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) by 5% annually. It was 19.2 in 2020 and 12.4 in 2023.

By 2025, the amount of used electricity from renewable sources at Peikko factories is 75%. It was 60% in 2020 and 48% in 2023.

To transfer from solvent-based coatings to solvent-free coatings. By 2025, all coatings are made as solvent-free.


Peikko’s Board of Directors and Management Team are strongly committed to promote Peikko’s sustainability. The Management Team is responsible for Peikko’s sustainability matters as well as for monitoring progress and target achievements. It is also responsible for reporting these matters to Peikko’s Board of Directors on a regular basis.