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Anti-bribery and corruption

To act in a non‑corrupt way is part of the national heritage of Peikko. This is the case even though Peikko operates in the construction industry, a domain facing numerous fraud and bribery issues in multiple countries.

Peikko has a zero tolerance towards fraud and bribery. In our Code of Conduct, we cover also our customer policies in this respect.

In our customer relations guidelines, among other things, it is recommended to:

  • Bring customers to visit Peikko factories, as factory visits bind the customers to us and help them understand further opportunities Peikko can offer;
  • Deal with customers with “normal level” of hospitality -> best, long‑term customers understand that companies with a tight spending budget are also the most competitive ones in the long term;
  • Be reasonable with business gifts – it is better to have many small, inexpensive gifts to share with the users of our products than very few expensive gifts for some key decision makers; no gift or hospitality should exceed the value of EUR 100, unless otherwise pre‑agreed with a Management Team member;
  • Screen and multiply synergy with our customers via our wide sales network – connect our customers together on national or international level via site and factory visits.

In general, we also avoid:

  • Inviting customers for entertainment trips that do not involve product training, building site visit, or Peikko factory visit as part of the trip;
  • Paying fees on projects for design companies to specify Peikko’s products -> even though this might be legal and used by competitors in some countries, Peikko does not do this;
  • Sponsoring our customers’ own activities (customer’s sports clubs, etc.).