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Competitor Compliance Guidelines

Between 2005-2020, Peikko grew from a small 35 MEUR company to a larger 230 MEUR company. This organic growth would have not been possible if Peikko had not been able to compete fairly in the marketplace.

For this reason, the maintaining of fair market conditions also in the future is essential for Peikko’s future growth. To that end, anti‑competitive behavior is not the path we would like to follow in business, especially that is goes against the provisions of law.

It is the policy of Peikko to comply with all applicable competition laws in the markets in which we operate. No director or employee has any authority to give any order which would result in a conflict with this policy.

In order to train and educate our Peikko team on these issues, we have launched an internal document of Peikko Group – Competitor Compliance Guidelines. This document is a basis for our internal training with regards to anti‑competitive behavior.