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Remuneration policies

Peikko is operating in over 30 countries and thus has a large variety of remuneration principles, also to comply with the applicable local laws. 

The remuneration levels are country-based and paid always in local currencies. Peikko's goal is equal pay for the same position with regards to different gender, age, nationality, race, and faith.

Peikko’s employees have a base salary paid on a monthly or bi‑weekly bases. The permanent blue‑collar employees may have production‑related incentives, e.g. in relation to the output, quality, or efficiency. The incentives are typically paid as part of the normal salary payments.

The permanent white‑collar employees may have annual incentives, e.g. in relation to the team or individual goals, financial performance of the Peikko unit in question, and Peikko Group financial performance.

For the managerial positions, it is also typical that the annual incentive indicators include also others than efficiency or finance performance goals, such as improvement in safety and reduction of sick leaves.

Peikko’s CEO has no salary, neither is he a member of any incentive program. The Board of Directors receives an annual compensation, and a separate fee per each meeting.