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Supply chain management

Peikko is using the services of hundreds of suppliers to perform its duties for its customers.

Peikko manufactures more than 95% of products in its own factories, and thus, the majority of Peikko’s purchases are different kinds of steel materials, bought in most part directly from steel mills. There are only a very few final products or sub‑assemblies Peikko purchases for its factories.

Nevertheless, Peikko buys large number of other indirect materials and services, such as energy and other utilities, industrial clothing, software, marketing services, etc. Our general Code of Conduct also covers the Supplier Policy, and gives principle criteria for acceptance to be Peikko’s supplier.


From our suppliers, among other things, we expect:

  • Legal compliance;
  • Prohibition of corruption and bribery;
  • Respect for the basic human rights of employees;
  • Prohibition of child labor;
  • Prohibition of slavery of any kind;
  • Protection of health and safety of employees;
  • Environmental protection;
  • Peikko’s code of ethics implemented via supply chain;
  • Non‑disclosure attitude.


In Peikko’s procurement, it is forbidden to:

  • Take bribery or any kinds of fees due to delivery to Peikko;
  • Become involved in a conflict of interest – purchasing from a person who is a relative or from a company owned by a relative;
  • Receive gifts or hospitality from suppliers above the value of EUR 100;
  • Share confidential information with suppliers, like competitors’ price levels, etc.;
  • It should be understood by all that Peikko’s auditors are specially instructed to double‑check that the commercial invoices paid by Peikko are issued by real, existing supplier companies.