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Tax footprint

Peikko supports the functioning of the society and the provision of local services in all countries in which we operate by way of paying taxes and creating jobs.

Peikko complies with the applicable local legislation in paying, collecting, remitting, and reporting on taxes and fees. Peikko is committed to follow the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines, and we pay and collect taxes in countries where our value‑added activities are born as a result of our investments and personnel. Peikko promotes cooperation with tax and customs authorities.

In compliance with Peikko’s Human Rights Principles, Peikko encourages social progress and development that is in the public interest, including transparency, accountability, and prohibition of tax abuse.

Peikko Group Corporation, parent company of Peikko Group, is registered in Finland, and all decisions with regards on tax affairs at Peikko are done in Finland by the CEO and ultimately approved by the Board of Directors. Peikko does not use tax havens, low tax jurisdictions or other such arrangements in order to avoid taxes.

Many countries offer different types of incentives, also for local tax treatments for companies. Peikko’s structure is clearly formalized to be 1) as simple as possible for the operations and 2) as simple as possible for our customers. To optimize structure for tax planning is not the way we want to run the business, we want to optimize our structure to ensure good deliveries and excellent customer service.

The table presents the essential taxes and tax‑like fees which Peikko is liable to pay or collect in accordance with the local legislation. From the point of view of materiality, the table presents our global key tax figures, which indicate the significant weight of Finland and the high amount of indirect taxes.