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Diversity and equal opportunity

We respect and embrace diverse work and lifestyles, as well as cultural differences.

We see various benefits of having a diversified workforce, having employees representing over 40 different nationalities from different parts of the world. In our view, varied skill sets are a key driver of creativity and value creation, and diversity and inclusivity result in teams that deliver better results. 

We promote international career opportunities to all our employees and our Talent Development program includes women and men of multiple nationalities. At Peikko, we have a lot of success stories, how our employees make cross-border careers, and thus not only create value for Peikko, but also explore unlimited development possibilities for themselves as individuals and professionals.

Peikko respects and supports the protection of human rights and recognizes the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As an employer, Peikko respects the basic labor rights of employees as stated by the International Labor Organization (ILO).

We promote freedom of association, right to collective bargaining, equal opportunity, and fair treatment in employment, as well as the abolition of forced and child labor.

Peikko does not tolerate working conditions that are in conflict with local or international laws and practices. We expect suppliers and business partners to conduct their businesses in the same high ethical and legal standard and practices as Peikko.


Peikko Middle East: 15 different nationalities are working in our team

Peikko Middle East is unique in terms of diversity in the Human Resources. Employees are from different continents, countries, religions, races and ethnicities, as well as cultures and backgrounds.

There are 15 different nationalities in our team. This diversity helps us to strengthen our competitiveness in the targeted markets that require input and understanding from diverse perspectives. Here a role of Human Resources is to evaluate where employees can be placed and work in the organization so they can make the most valuable contributions for themselves and the company.​

By promoting the equal opportunity policy, we ensure that all employees are treated fairly and evenly in all aspects of employment including recruitment and selection, training and development, performance evaluation and the day-to-day personal management.