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Local communities

We strive to support the sustainable development of the societies where we operate. Building and maintaining good relations as well as supporting the vitality of local communities close to our operations is essential for us and our business success.

Here are two examples on Peikko’s local partnerships.

Yrityskylä Learning environment in Lahti, Finland

Peikko’s long‑term cooperation partner Yrityskylä is a Finnish learning concept which has been recognized as the world’s best education innovation. They offer school children positive experiences of working life, the economy, and society, as well as they encourage entrepreneurship.

In the Yrityskylä learning environment for ninth‑graders, students compete in managing a company on the global markets. During the game, the teams manufacture and sell their products to customers and head the company for a period of one year. The winning team is the one that has been able to achieve the best reputation in addition to a good operating profit. The game combines digitality and interaction.



Riga Technical University in Latvia, RTU

RTU is focused on becoming a third‑generation university that provides high‑quality education, but also conducts advanced research and ensures innovation and technology transfer, practically implementing scientific discoveries. Peikko and RTU cooperates in finding research topics for master’s thesis and Ph.D. work for students of RTU, as well as to facilitate internships within Peikko. The long‑term cooperation agreement also includes other activities, such as lectures and building site visits. In addition, the parties intend to deepen the cooperation in the field of research.