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Brand new Peikko book: “Double-headed anchors as punching shear reinforcement”

March, 24, 2021

Double-headed anchors, such as PSB®, are one of the most efficient systems for the reinforcement of concrete flat slabs against failure by punching.

The anchors are the most typically used to reinforce floor slabs, foundation slabs or column footings. This reinforcement technique has become almost a standard in Central Europe over the past 20 years; nowadays, it is becoming increasingly popular outside of Europe as well. The intention of the Peikko book “Double headed anchors as punching shear reinforcement - Explanations and guidance on design and construction” is to provide a solid technical package of information on the punching shear reinforcement. The book has been made as a dual language edition in English and German. 

With the design method according to EN 1992-1-1, the favorable effect of the deformation-reduced anchoring of double-headed anchors compared to punching reinforcement made of stirrups cannot be assessed. Since the end of 2012, the first European Technical Approvals (ETAs) are available based on the same design concept developed for an application in conjunction with EN 1992-1-1.

With the conversion of the European Technical Approvals into European Technical Assessments, the design rules contained therein were also removed. This was taken as an opportunity to summarize the design concept with additional planning and design notes as well as design examples in the present book. Updated design rules for fatigue resistance are also incorporated. The book is intended to offer planners, engineers, and contractors guidance in daily practice.

PSB® and PSB PLUS® punching shear reinforcement fulfils all requirements regarding mechanical, fire, and corrosion resistance. Design of PSB® punching shear reinforcement is included in Peikko Designer® to facilitate daily tasks of structural engineers.

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We hope you enjoy reading our publication and that it assists you in your daily practice.

Thomas Sippel

Codes and Approvals Director

Peikko Group Corporation