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Can we help Your digitalization process forward?

By Peikko’s blog team

January, 2, 2018

Peikko’s Design Tool team participates frequently in different seminars and trainings to gain information on new design trends and different design tool developments. This autumn I participated in the development day of a design office. 

The topics of the day included new directions in the development of structural design, 3D modeling, and how to speed up design work. I was again amazed by how fast the world of design is developing, and how the hottest trends in IT are also affecting the conventional, down-to-earth construction business. Similar winds of change are blowing in the precast industry all over Europe – or so I recently also heard at the Engineering Days held in Vienna, Austria. Digitalization is already here!

But how is digitalization related to Peikko, a company that offers simple connection products and composite beams? Even if the products themselves are physical items, they are surrounded by a lot of data; how to design them and, how to present the design for the production in plans (note that I’m not saying drawings, because we are moving toward 3D and reducing the use of paper).

You can speed up the processes and take part in digitalization by using Peikko’s design tools. We offer up-to-date 3D models of our products, so that you can design the surrounding items with precise dimensions, and in many cases also with needed supplementary reinforcement. Tekla users can take advantage of Peikko Designer® Column Connection and export their design to a model. With DELTABEAM® projects, you can share your 3D model with us. This way sharing information becomes easy and more efficient, and you can get the precise DELTABEAM® profile information updated to the shared Tekla model.

Our aim at Peikko is to help in our customers’ digitalization process – to speed up Your work by offering reliable and easy-to-use design tools.

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