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Increase safety and decrease costs – by using Peikko’s COLIFT mounting system

By Peikko's blog team

June, 4, 2018

Safety is one of the most important factors in our lives, on both personal and professional level. Yet there are situations when we don’t do everything we can to ensure safety.

It is humane to take shortcuts even if we know there are risks involved. On a construction site with the pressure of a tight schedule, this shortcut might be to use the closest and a bit too short lifting sling, to impact the lifting device because of a pull done too quickly, or to stretch and reach a bit too far when releasing the lifting device from an elevated platform. These are all small incidents – but can lead to a big accident.

Less can be more

On construction sites it’s common to have several cranes and all sorts of lifting devices around in order to get the materials and people smoothly transported from one place to another. Have you ever thought of ways to reduce the amount of needed lifting devices? How about the impact on safety when there is less hassle on site? The more traffic on site, the more possibilities for big or small incidents.

Peikko offers you one way to reduce the risk – the COLIFT Mounting System. It is a CE-marked lifting system for columns and beams with a remote release system that can be operated from the ground level by the same personnel who make the assembly. No need for additional lifting equipment.  

COLIFT Mounting System offers you several benefits:

  • Thanks to the remote release system you don’t need an elevated platform or a cherry picker to release the lifting device
  • You need fewer people to release the lifting system
  • Your crane is free for the next job in a shorter time
  • You can enjoy all the benefits of bolted connections that are designed to take all the loads immediately after tightening the nuts, with no need for temporary bracing


Fewer people, fewer cranes and less time equals savings.