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How Peikko improves its customer service with the ProFlow project management model?

By Peikko's blog team

September, 2, 2019

Project management made as easy as ABC. 

As we all know, one of the biggest challenges that construction projects face is keeping the whole project in scope and within budget and on time. The worst-case scenario is that everyone from the architect to the site manager concentrates on their own field, starting from the scratch every time and carry out the same tasks at the same time unknowingly. We at Peikko want to help our customers to be successful in their projects by improving our processes internally. 

The success of our customer is our main goal and to reach that goal we needed to improve our own handover process from sales to project management, to production and finally to the customer. This is why ProFlow was born. “Pro” stands for a project that is a unique one-time job, and “Flow” represents the stage positive activity in the process, full involvement and enjoyment. 


Project management model tailored to fit 

ProFlow is a project management model that describes the different project stages, role descriptions, project management tools, checklists and handover documentation to improve communication. The model framework is based on the well-known ABC® model developed by Project Institute. This model was then tailored to fit to Peikko’s typical customer projects and internal processes. 

We wanted to flip our thinking on projects – instead of thinking from the inside out, we want to steer our project portfolios more in line with our customers’ needs, so as to match up with our business categories’ targets. 

We wanted to create better scheduling tools to assist the project managers in planning and controlling their projects. By harmonizing project sales and management, and giving them user-friendly tools, we started to speak the ´same language´ and understand things in the same way.



Futureproof customer service 

We operate with hundreds of customer projects with thousands of actions on a daily basis – this involves a massive amount of paperwork. With ProFlow, documentation will be also harmonized.  Having a solid means of storing the necessary documentation optimizes our efficiency at work. It frees us up from having to spend time looking for the correct up-to-date document. Gate decisions define the need for “stop-think-act” on different project stages and are supported by a check list for the documents required. 

Our professional project management aims to secure the customer experience and relationships on future projects too. Simply improving models or tools is not enough – we also aim to further improve the skills of our employees working in project sales and management.

Additionally, as the volume of DELTABEAM® projects continues to grow, we are developing a separate project management tool to facilitate the more effective implementation of DELTABEAM® projects.

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