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How to secure the quality in 130 days?

By Peikko’s blog team

February, 12, 2019

Quality audits in manufacturing units are a way to ensure that the production as well as the end products meet the high-quality standards, are safe to use and serve the intended use. In the construction sector the demands are high, and meeting the standards is a must to secure smooth business and gain the trust of the stakeholders.

During 2018 Peikko has had a total of 130 days dedicated on various quality audits. These audits were performed in all the seven countries where Peikko has manufacturing units; in Europe and USA as well as in the Middle East and Asia. Approximately half of these days were dedicated on renewing the production certificates of Peikko’s seven factories. The third parties, such as SLV Hannover or KIWA, inspected Peikko’s premises and confirmed that Peikko is producing the named products according to the documents provided.


Continuous work for continuous improvement

During 2018 DNV-GL, an international accredited certification body, visited Peikko’s factories for a total of 16 days. As a result, Peikko achieved new or renewed quality, environmental, safety and welding certifications for several factories. In addition, several customer audits, safety audits and environmental audits were performed in Peikko’s factories by third parties.

Naturally, Peikko itself made also quality, environmental and safety audits for its suppliers and subcontractors. To ensure the quality of our operations, we need to be confident of our suppliers’ goals and quality. Simply put, how could one manufacture high-quality products if the material is of inferior quality? Continuous work on visiting our suppliers and subcontractors and knowing their operations is an essential part of our business model.


Not for the numbers but because of the customers

How many? Enough, too much or too few? Even if the numbers are fancy and often help us to better understand the magnitude of concepts that we may not be familiar with, they are still just numbers. Is 130 days of audits a little or a lot? What is more important is that during these 130 days no major non-conformities were found. Simply put, Peikko performs well with regards to applicable quality standards.

It is even more important that customers can trust Peikko with regards to quality. No auditing is done only because of standards requirements. Audits are done to improve, to polish our armor and to lubricate our joints for more flexible operations. To be better every day. Let this work continue!

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