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Let us fix it

By Petri Suur-Askola

April, 9, 2019

How can the precast connection supplier solve your problems?

Sometimes your daily life gets filled with pleasant surprises, just when it seems that things are not going so great.

Let’s say you just bought a bicycle for your child. By mistake, the size is wrong, but you can easily change it. Your new sofa doesn’t fit in to your living room, or your car didn’t get fixed with the first visit at the car service. However, the company understands your situation and is committed to fixing the issue. Good for you as the customer, and practically painless for the company. For you it means saving precious time and efforts when there is no need to put extra focus on mishaps that just, you know, happen.

This is quite a common procedure in the consumer business. But what if this happened in the business-to-business world? Let’s see an example.


A precast connection supplier bold enough to find a solution – even for mistakes that are not theirs

Once a upon a time, there was a cost-driven project, where a precaster ordered bolted connections well in time to be sure that casting of the columns would definitely be on time.

They happily received a truckload of connections, and then came the final design. Column-like precast components were more inclined and much slenderer than stated in tender phase. The precaster’s happiness changed to misery in seconds. What to do?

He decided to call the connections supplier called Peikko and explain the situation. What do you think happened next? The supplier understood the situation and suggested a trade: returning the connections previously ordered and already delivered and delivering instead new connections designed according to the updated design.  So, the precaster loaded the standard connections to the truck and sent the new drawings to Peikko’s technical support department. Engineers designed suitable connections, and these custom-made connections were delivered to the precaster. At the end of the day, the precaster was able to keep the schedule with a tolerable delay and the contractor compensated the additional cost of revised design and custom-made components. This in fact also saved the contractor’s resources in a most convenient way as there was no need to spend energy on changing the design and negotiating with investors.


Your professional life can be just as fluent as your life as a consumer if you just choose the right partners to your project: the ones with muscles to help you when mishaps occur.

We at Peikko do not only take the full responsibility of our solutions and our work – we want your project to succeed no matter who made the mistake. The world needs flexible forerunners.

Petri Suur-Askola

Business Development Director

Peikko Group Corporation

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