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Meeting global standards locally – every weld counts

June, 16, 2020

Peikko products are used all over the world and almost every product requires some welding. Quality control and compliance with international standards are the key to a successful and, most of all, safe result.

As welding is one of our main processes in all of our factories, the production process from start to finish, from design and the selection of the materials to the manufacturing methods and supervision must be on point. However, inspection of a weld after it has been done does not improve the quality of the weld, so the quality of the weld must be ensured throughout the welding process.

This is why we have the Multisite welding quality management certificate ISO 3834-2 to guide us in all our of European factories, as well as in our factories in the Gulf and China. Peikko is not only certified to European welding standards,  Peikko China is also certified by Canadian and American welding associations.

Peikko adheres to several ISO standards. ISO 3834-2 standard sets requirements for welded products, welder qualifications, and welding coordination whereas e.g. ISO 9001 sets requirements only for a quality management system, but not for the product or the process itself.

ISO 3834-2 does and could be considered the backbone of production quality as related to welding. Although it does not provide the more precise and detailed requirements of product-oriented standards, such as EN 1090 for steel and aluminum structures, by complying with ISO 3834-2, we make sure that each weld that is done in Peikko factories meets the requirements.

How do we make sure?

Roughly 80% of our products are welded in one way or another. Even though our production capacity is large, we constantly meet the challenge of keeping quality high. We, at Peikko, make sure that our welders have the needed certification, and that we meet the standards throughout the process.

Our main goal is to deliver high quality and safe products – and one of the ways we can achieve this is to train our own welders to meet the global standards. In addition to our in-house training program, we do in-house testing, too. The tests range all from a mere visual inspection all the way to both non-destructive and destructive testing. As well, we actively participate in cooperation with local profession schools.

As a group, Peikko is audited every year. Production units are audited every two years according to a multisite matrix. All production units must have qualified welders, welding procedures, supervise welding works, perform inspections and tests, as well as having qualified welding coordinators in each unit.

ISO 3834 standard group was created by international welding professionals and it set up requirements for manufacturers to follow. We are more than happy to do our part in promoting safer welding by complying with the standards.

Zygimantas Kacinskas

Quality Manager

Peikko Group Corporation

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