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Space, speed and sustainability – The DELTABEAM® Game Changer calculation tool is an all-round winner for unlocking real savings in construction

By Peikko's blog team

August, 19, 2021

Peikko promises to make construction safer, faster and more efficient. Our aim is to show you how we deliver on this promise. DELTABEAM® Game Changer is our new innovation for maximizing return on investment and minimizing environmental impact by giving you the exact lowdown on what, why and most importantly, how much. This is the way to build in 2021.

NOTICE: As of April 2024 Peikko Game Changer has been discontinued. We leave this blog post published to preserve its history but the information may no longer be valid.

Construction is a game of variables, where nobody really wants to compromise. If you are an architect, you do not want to sacrifice the integrity of your design by giving in to project demands. If you are a developer, you want to be as cost-effective as possible without compromising on risk management. Finding a balance between different needs can be a pain. This is one of the reasons why at Peikko we constantly develop new products, methods and tools to help with decision-making.

Real numbers for real decisions

Construction costs are at their highest in the beginning of a construction project. The building frame has a big impact on the efficiency of a building, how good of a space it offers for its function, how fast it can be erected, and how it impacts the building’s environmental footprint. Once set, the frame is hard to change.

To reliably assess the life cycle costs of a building project from the get-go, clear and verifiable calculations are key. DELTABEAM® Game Changer is a value calculation software that verifies the customer value of an investment both visually and in report format. Calculations are always prepared together with the client under the guidance of Peikko experts.

DELTABEAM<sup>®</sup> Game Changer value tool

Everybody wins with DELTABEAM®

DELTABEAM® Game Changer verifies the benefits of using DELTABEAM® slim floor structure both during the construction and when using the completed building, compared with the traditional floor structure solution. With DELTABEAM®, lifecycle values are proven to be significantly better. DELTABEAM® Game Changer demonstrates the total savings accrual in precise and comparable figures, taking into account the speed of construction and the efficient use of space and energy.

Investors benefit when facilities can be rented out faster and revenue starts to build. Having more open space in the structure provides more square footage, making the building easier to rent and leading to increased annual rental income. The lower beam height, i.e., lower floors and intermediate floors, lowers the floor-to-floor height, as well as heating and cooling costs. With DELTABEAM® on your team, everybody wins.

DELTABEAM<sup>®</sup> Game Changer value tool

Focus on profitability and sustainability

The DELTABEAM® Game Changer software was developed by Peikko’s experts to show and utilize our decades-wide experience of frame solutions, and to objectively prove that DELTABEAM® is the system to choose where nobody wants to compromise. Together we can combine profitable and sustainable construction rather than having to choose between the two.


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