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The importance of smart structural design - want to use 50 kg or 15 kg rebar steel per m²?

By Topi Paananen

July, 15, 2015

Peikko is co-operating with various structural design companies around the world. It always impresses me that smart structural design can really save money for the end-client. 

This week I had the opportunity to meet a company ELTICON, a company based in Belarus but operating also in Russia and Kazakhstan. 

It is fascinating to understand that the former Soviet type of precast construction had some 30-70 kg of steel per every m2 in the structure, but now with the modern design methods and connections the weight per m2 is merely 12-20 kg/m2, depending on the height of the building, soil conditions etc. 

And nice of course that Peikko´s connections are very much in use for the modern designs - column connections, wire loops etc. Talking about productivity improvement, this is something !



Topi Paananen

Chief Executive Officer

Peikko Group Corporation