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White Paper – EBEA® – Surviving the flames

By Peikko’s blog team

May, 4, 2023

EBEA® is a load-bearing thermal insulation element that is used to connect cantilevered reinforced concrete components such as balconies, while avoiding constructive thermal bridges. Constructive thermal bridges can cause energy losses in buildings and lead to issues such as mold.

EBEA® is designed to prevent these issues and provide high-quality, energy-efficient buildings. The document explains that Peikko EBEA® has fire resistance properties that are evaluated and classified according to European harmonized standard EN 13501-1/2 or Swiss standard SIA 183 according to VKF (Swiss fire protection authority).

Depending on the use of the building and design of the façade, EBEA® can fulfil the fire resistance period requirement of 30 to 90 minutes. This makes it a reliable choice for buildings with different fire protection requirements. Finally, the document highlights a real-life example of how EBEA® performed in an extreme case of fire on a building site in Lithuania.

Despite the intense heat and flames, EBEA® was able to withstand the load applied over several hours and maintain its strength and durability.

Overall, this White Paper provides valuable information on how EBEA® can help construct high-quality, energy-efficient buildings with reliable fire resistance properties.

Read Surviving the Flames White Paper

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