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Quality that stands the test of time

Peikko’s durable, precise and standardized cast-in-situ solutions will exceed your expectations and increase the value of your project. Load transferring, punching prevention, rebar splicing and more – Peikko offers long-term solutions that you can trust. From ARBOX® to WELDA®, and everything in between, our product catalogue offers quality solutions that are always on-site, on-time and ready to be cast in a flash.

WELDA® Anchor Plate

WELDA® Anchor Plates are CE marked all-rounders in terms of transferring loads to concrete from other structures via welded connections. The stud-headed anchors welded onto the plate are optimized for easy installation into the reinforcement.

Anchors are available in three different lengths to avoid collision with reinforcement or the need for supplementary reinforcement. WELDA® Anchor Plates are designed to fit onto thin and shallow structures such as wall panels or slabs, but they can also be placed in other structures such as beams and columns. In addition, all WELDA® Anchor Plates can be modified on request.

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EBEA® Balcony Connector

EBEA® Balcony Connector is a cost-efficient and practical load-bearing insulated connection element for concrete structures. It minimizes thermal bridges in cantilever balconies and other applications such as walls and slabs.

The EBEA® Balcony Connector minimizes heat loss, reduces noise and prevents visual and structural defects in concrete structures. The EBEA® system is very versatile with many types to choose from. From its wide range of models, you will find an optimal solution for transferring all transverse forces, horizontal forces, and moments reliably onto the main slab.

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ARBOX® Joint Reinforcement

ARBOX® Joint Reinforcement is a ready-to-install system for creating stiff concrete casting joints of reinforced concrete elements. ARBOX® can be attached to formwork without having to penetrate or make other adjustments to the formwork.

Together with the ARBOX® Plus and ARBOX® Strong, ARBOX® Joint Reinforcement is suitable for creating a wide range of connections, such as wall-to-wall, column-to-wall, and wall-to-slab. The pre-bent ARBOX® rebars are hidden in a galvanized steel box, enabling fast construction of connections in both cast-in-situ and precast structures.

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MODIX® Rebar Coupler

The MODIX® Rebar Coupler is designed to be the safest and most flexible rebar splicing system. The unique visual inspection system makes it safe and easy to verify that all connections are closed. The system guarantees high flexibility and quality.

MODIX® Rebar Couplers are used to create mechanical connections between ribbed reinforcement bars in cast-in-situ and precast concrete structures. The standard SMA and SMB connections are able to connect all rebars from 10 to 40 mm, providing both high production speed and outstanding quality.

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PSB® Punching Reinforcement

PSB® Punching Reinforcement is an ETA approved system providing the highest resistance on the market. PSB® Punching and Shear Rails offer simple and reliable solutions against punching shear failure and shear failure of slabs, foundations, walls, and beams by increasing their resistance.

PSB® Punching Reinforcement can be applied to various types of structural systems and installation situations. Elements are manufactured individually according to the static requirements. Being fully integrated in the concrete elements, it is an ideal reinforcement system for monolithic slim floor structures or flat concrete slabs in general.

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STRIFF® Shear Dowel

STRIFF® Shear Dowels provide expansion or contraction of the connection between two concrete elements in order to reduce or prevent constraints. STRIFF® Shear Dowel is available in two load models: STRIFF® 43 and STRIFF® 51.

The STRIFF® Shear Dowel system supports movement of the concrete structures in transverse and/or longitudinal directions of the expansion joints, to prevent constraints and further damage. At the same time, STRIFF® restricts movement of the concrete structures in the vertical direction by securing the same horizontal level of the connected structures.

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