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Peikko White Papers, authored by our Product Development professionals, provide you interesting in-depth reports on different topics, such us industry related news and trends as well as developments of our products and solutions. White Papers go deeper into cases and matters, and explain their causes, implications, and benefits – to make your construction projects faster, safer, and more efficient.

White papers

Shear Transfer in Peikko Bolted Connections

EPDs in Plain Language

The Journey into Circular Economy – Milestones and Setbacks on The Road to The Circular Economy. The Case of Peikko.

Optimizing building life cycle carbon footprint and operational emissions

Surviving the flames - How EBEA® resists even when exposed to extreme fire

High Fire Performance of DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Joints with Timber Slabs

Soil modulus for onshore wind foundation design - Summary

Soil modulus for onshore wind foundation design

Dismount and reuse of precast concrete frame

DELTABEAM® with hybrid timber floors - Load transfer tests

Fire Resistance and Design of Column Connection  - Peikko Designer® calculation procedure

Ductility Project – DELTABEAM® Slim Floor System

Peikko Balcony Connections: Proper Connections for Successful Planning and Installation

Shear Resistance of Precast Wall Connection with SUMO® Wall Shoe

Bolted Connections for Precast Structures in Seismic Areas – Peikko Solutions and Design Examples

Design Recommendations for Hollow Core Slabs Supported on DELTABEAM® – Position of Support Reaction Forces

Headed Anchors - fast, safe, and efficient anchorage to concrete

DELTABEAM® Use in Seismic Areas – Design Recommendations and Case Studies

Construction Product Regulation in the European Union: The ETA Procedure needs to be more efficient, it does not need to be abolished

Performance of DELTABEAM® – CLT floors in human-induced vibration

New Generation of Column Shoe Connections

DELTABEAM® in combination with hollow-core slabs in fire case - Fire test program 2020

Composite Columns: Corbel design development

Tall Building Solutions

DELTABEAM® Slim Floor structures to lighten a building's environmental footprint

Bolted connections for precast structures – enabling circularity without compromising performance

DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure with Transfer Beams

PSB PLUS® – New Product in Cast-In-Situ Portfolio

TWIN CORBEL — Support for TT Slabs and Secondary Beams

WELDA® Anchor Plates – Increased Resistances with Less Reinforcement

In Search of a Bright, Circular Future!

Bolted Column Connection for Seismic Applications