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A brand-new design application for balcony connections using EBEA® Balcony Connectors

Peikko Designer® EBEA Balcony Designer is a free web-based application that assists Structural Engineers with balcony design using EBEA® Balcony Connectors. The tool tests all product sets to find the best connection for your balcony. As a result, you will have a solid solution for the entire balcony within minutes. Less time spent on repetitive tasks means more time for you to decide on the best fit for your balcony.

First define the overall design criteria, such as building category, balcony deflection limit, and connector use, then define the structure and support elements, and, finally, add loads to the static system. After defining your design parameters, click "calculate" to see which EBEA® Balcony Connectors match your balcony connection design.

Log in with your Peikko Designer® account credentials to download a design report in PDF format. This report will display the user's initial information, the design basis, design results, as well as the layout of the connectors.

Find the EBEA Balcony Designer at, and create your own design using EBEA® Balcony Connectors!