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ARBOX® Portfolio Update for the Tekla Plug-in

The new 1.5 version of the plug-in now includes ARBOX®, ARBOX® Plus, and ARBOX® Strong. ARBOX® Plus now has a wide range of models and is ideal for most uses. The ARBOX® Plus range includes both single and double rebar models with different spacing options, and has improved resistances compared to previous ARBOX® models. The ARBOX® Strong has fewer model options but is ideal for heavy loads.

When creating a model with the new 1.5 plug-in, ARBOX® Plus is now the default type.

With this update, some previous ARBOX® models have been removed from the plug-in, in order to match the current ARBOX® model lineup. As a result, compatibility issues may occur when opening ARBOX® that is made with an older plug-in version.

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