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DELTABEAM® CO2e values are now available in DELTABEAM SELECT

With the new release of Peikko Designer® DELTABEAM SELECT, you can now assess the environmental performance of the DELTABEAM® Composite Beam.

With the new release 1.3.0, DELTABEAM® profiles are now evaluated not only for ultimate limits states, serviceability limit state and economic efficiency, but also for environmental characteristics such as carbon footprint. Users can now easily see how much of an impact CO2 emissions will have early in the project.

The proportional CO2e value is shown for all recommended DELTABEAM® profiles to ease comparing the different beam profile options, like with economic efficiency. The beam that gives 100%, in other words, gives the most CO2 emissions of any of the chosen ones. The CO2 emissions of other presented beam profiles are compared to the profile with the highest value.

User can see the absolute CO2e values under tab named CO2e (Carbon footprint). This tab includes CO2e absolute values for both DELTABEAM® and DELTABEAM® Green. Also, for each DELTABEAM® profile option the carbon footprint per given slab area is presented to demonstrate the environmental impact of the floor structure at scale.

In addition to providing DELTABEAM® carbon footprint results, the optimization algorithm was enhanced to reduce the number of occasions when the software is unable to find a suitable DELTABEAM® profile. The failure rate decreased from 20% to 9% with the new release. In case the software is unable to find solution for your design case please contact Peikko representative locally.

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