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Greener together – Peikko and Ahola Transport partnering for a cleaner future

Last year, we launched our eco-aware version of the world-renowned DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure. Named DELTABEAM® Green, its manufacturing materials are 90% recycled, meaning that its environmental impact is significantly reduced compared to traditional steel structures.

However, we wanted to go even further for the environment. We joined forces with our long-standing logistics partner Ahola Transport to 'green' the logistics of DELTABEAM® Green shipping as well. We combined Ahola Transport’s Green Kilometers program with our DELTABEAM® Green. Ahola’s concept enables our transportation by road to be achieved with a 90% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to traditional transportation. So, in the end, it was easy to find a common ground for DELTABEAM® Green and Ahola’s Green Kilometers program.

Together, we came up with a solution to guarantee that all Nordic DELTABEAM® Green transportations during the whole lifecycle of the product are fueled with biodiesel from traceable sources. If we need to use other companies for our logistics, our deal with Ahola includes the environmental compensation of these transportations. This partnership solution is the first of its kind in Finland.

“Peikko, and our Product Development and Operations teams especially, are committed to setting new, greener standards for the entire construction industry. We are thrilled and proud to begin the new decade by introducing DELTABEAM® Green into our range of products,” states Simo Hakkarainen, Business Director of DELTABEAM®.

United by green values

The partnership between the two family-owned companies started back in the 90s. Ahola are known for their pro-environment efforts and focus on enhancing their processes to be even more efficient and customer-oriented

The fluency of this process promises even closer co-operation between Peikko and Ahola Transport.

“We were in talks with other forwarders, but our long-standing and smooth relationship and similar views on making the world a better place sealed the deal with Ahola,” says Teemu Koivunen, Logistics Manager at Peikko Group.

Ahola Transport, who have been investing in pro-environment transportation solutions since the 2000s, are also very pleased with the alliance between the two Finnish companies.

“We are happy to say that we share the same green values as Peikko. It’s a matter of pride for us to work with a company like Peikko,” says Jimmy Ahola, Marketing and Communications Manager at Ahola Transport.


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