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Lightening environmental footprint with DELTABEAM® Green

By Peikko's blog team

March, 10, 2020

DELTABEAM® Green is the new, eco-conscious version of our innovative DELTABEAM® composite beam. DELTABEAM® Green brings pure value to everyone involved before, during and after the construction process.

At Peikko we take sustainability seriously. We challenge ourselves constantly and want to set new standards for the whole construction industry. Our R&D department works hard to bring better and greener products into the market. We are proud and excited to begin the new decade by introducing DELTABEAM® Green into our product range. DELTABEAM® Green is now available in the Nordic countries, and later elsewhere in Europe.

DELTABEAM® composite beam setting standards for 30 years

Since coming to the market in 1989, our DELTABEAM® composite beam has established itself globally as the number one choice for both designers and constructors. DELTABEAM® enables flexible open space construction, slim floor structures and possibilities for easy modifications at any stage of a building’s lifecycle. Compared to traditional solutions, our precast technology helps you optimize material consumption. Moreover, with DELTABEAM®, HVAC installations are easy and integrated fireproofing reduces work on site.

DELTABEAM® Green pushing the boundaries for a greener world

Compared to the standard DELTABEAM®, which has already been a sustainable product, DELTABEAM® Green offers even more value for eco-friendly and modern construction work. Over 90% of DELTABEAM® Green’s manufacturing materials are recycled, and it is produced using renewable energy. Careful and precise engineering means that less material is used in the production of a DELTABEAM® Green compared to traditional steel structures. What’s more, even the logistics of DELTABEAM® Green are organized in an environmentally sound manner throughout the Nordics.

Freedom, reliability and all-encompassing sustainability with DELTABEAM® Green

The benefits of choosing DELTABEAM® or DELTABEAM® Green are numerous. It is a long-standing, reliable product that is suitable for any kind of multi-story building, and it works with all slab and column types. It gives plenty of architectural freedom for designing spaces with varying functionalities. When it comes to construction time, both DELTABEAM® and DELTABEAM® Green are quick and easy to erect with a small crew and with little or no propping.

The added value you get when choosing the new and improved DELTABEAM® Green is its all-encompassing eco-friendly design that includes everything from materials to production and from certifications to transport. This is the modern way to build, and with Peikko’s DELTABEAM® Green you will not only go the full way, but an extra mile as well.


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