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Peikko White Paper points the way towards greener buildings

By Peikko's blog team

September, 7, 2020

In its new analysis-based White Paper, Peikko shows that buildings’ environmental impacts can be greatly reduced.

Peikko’s new White Paper starts by outlining the challenges faced by the building industry. These include the demands of increasing urbanization worldwide, and the need to create both economic and ecological solutions – particularly while the industry still produces more than 30% of global CO2 emissions.

As part of the drive towards increased sustainability, Peikko’s DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structures: reduce building height and weight, and the quantities of construction materials used; reduce worksite traffic; facilitate building systems installation; and cut buildings’ energy consumption throughout their operational lifespans.

An innovative new product, DELTABEAM® Green, goes even further, being made from 90% recycled steel using renewable energy, and delivered to the site using low-emission logistics. Sustainable promises can be proved with certified environmental product declarations, enabling reliable, comprehensive building life cycle assessments.

Detailed research shows that DELTABEAM® Green produces 64% lower emissions than standard pre-stressed concrete beams, and 50% lower emissions than DELTABEAM®.

Peikko has developed a calculation tool that can estimate the CO2 emissions of beams at the start of a project.

The White Paper concludes that Slim Floor Structures significantly reduce the constructional and operational impacts of larger buildings, and that DELTABEAM® Green can go much further in making these buildings eco-friendly.

Read Peikko White Paper: DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structures to lighten a building's environmental footprint

Simo Hakkarainen
Business Director, DELTABEAM®
Peikko Group Corporation

Juuso Salonen
Business Manager, Designers
Peikko Finland Oy