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New White Paper details DELTABEAM® transfer beam test results

March, 31, 2020

Recent tests have verified the strength and safety of Peikko’s DELTABEAM® transfer beam solution for long spans and high loads.

Peikko has published its new White Paper, DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure with Transfer Beams. This document explains how independent research confirms DELTABEAM® capabilities in buildings where long spans and high load capacities are needed.

In 2019, testing of the D70-800 type DELTABEAM® was carried out at the Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava. The tests involved two sample transfer beams in four different loading configurations. 

The test results were as expected, affirming Peikko’s own research and testing, and the structural integrity of the design. They also promote DELTABEAM® as a safe and economical solution for high-load applications.

Transfer beams allow the design and construction of large open spaces – free from supporting columns – such as event rooms in hotels.

They are one element of DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structures. These increase design flexibility, interior and open space, and heating and cooling and fire-resistance performance – while reducing design and construction time, materials requirements and structure weight.

Read Peikko White Paper: DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure with Transfer Beam

Simo Peltonen

Senior Manager


Peikko Group Corporation