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Peikko in North America: 10 M$ milestone in sales reached in 2016

By Topi Paananen

January, 30, 2017

I joined Peikko in August 2005, and the innovator of Peikko’s DELTABEAM®, Jorma Kyckling, told me in the early autumn that he had made a deal with “one Canadian school boy” to do his engineering internship at Peikko Finland. In those days Peikko was far from being an international company – we had a real factory in only one location in Finland and some sales teams in Europe. And yet, Jorma Kyckling told me, with a smile in his face, that we will soon start activities in Canada if this “school boy” turns out to be a good one.

After internship at Peikko Finland done, after further studies and other internships successfully completed, Peikko one-man-show started its first fragile steps in North America in 2007, right in time to face the biggest financial crises in decades, a crises that halted all construction activities for many long years. 

In 2016, after almost nine years of work, Peikko North America can be described to the following way:

1)    Clear customer strategy to focus on slim floor systems, either by DELTABEAM® Composite Beams or by DSA punching shear reinforcement systems

2)    Engineering and customer support centre in Quebec City, Canada (Peikko Canada Inc.)

3)    Manufacturing workshop in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA, mainly for DSA shear rails (Peikko USA Inc.)

4)    Network of sales professionals, covering a large part of the continent

5)    Reliable & controlled subcontractor network for DELTABEAM® Composite Beams

6)    More than 25 professionals working for the company

7)    Hundreds of larger or smaller projects executed every year, across the continent. More than 100 completed DELTABEAM® projects

8)    10 M$ sales in 2016, with the objective to grow 50% in 2017.

Many things can happen when you agree for an internship with a student. :-)  Excellent journey, Mr. Dominic Lemieux, and particular, many thanks for all who have had a trust for Peikko North America! 

Below some DELTABEAM® project pictures from recent years - Saskatoon, Canada/ Illinois, USA/ Hawaii, USA:

Topi Paananen

Chief Executive Officer

Peikko Group Corporation