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Car Park for Residential Building in Eastern Finland

By Topi Paananen

August, 22, 2016

In July our family visited my wife’s relatives in the city of Joensuu in Eastern Finland.  One cousin of my wife had a nice wedding and we stayed in the old, wooden family farm dating from more than 100 years ago. My parents-in-law had also just moved to a new apartment in the city centre of this small city – and to my surprise, Peikko’s Deltabeam Composite Beams were in use.

In the centre of four residential buildings there was a car park under construction, with Deltabeam and hollow-core structure. If the structure would have been made cast-in-situ, most probably the spans would have required a post-tensioning crew to do the job. If the structure would have been made with precast concrete beams most probably the construction company would have been in need to dig and remove another 0.5 meters of ground away -> when considering the whole area this would been quite expensive exercise, particularly as the land fill sites would have been very far away.

Looks like the Deltabeams served a nice purpose, and I hope my father-in-law is happy to park his car under one of the beams his son-in-law sells!













Topi Paananen

Chief Executive Officer

Peikko Group Corporation