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One solution, many combinations – DELTABEAM®

By Peikko's blog team

May, 21, 2018

DELTABEAM® is a truly versatile multi-tasker of the construction industry. This intelligent team player likes to bring out the most of its team, sharing the load and supporting the whole structure. No matter your country, building type, construction method, or materials available, you can benefit from DELTABEAM® - the forerunner of the construction industry.

DELTABEAM® is a superior composite beam enabling slim floor structure in multi-story buildings of any type, whether low-rise or high-rise. Its shallow design decreases the building’s floor-to-floor height, while enabling easy and fast design and installation of HVAC systems as there are no substructures below decking. Being a composite beam means that

DELTABEAM® has a composite action between steel and concrete that brings out the benefits of both materials and allows for creative structures with large open spaces.

DELTABEAM® composite beams are easy to transport, fast to install and, being lighter, also easier to lift on site. And if this was not enough, DELTABEAM® composite beams can also be used with several different slab types.


Hollow-core slabs

Most commonly DELTABEAM® is combined with hollow-core slabs. The hollow-core slab is one of the most used prefabricated floor slab elements existing; it is structurally efficient, light, durable, and generally a very economical alternative. The combination of DELTABEAM® and hollow-core is a match made in heaven: it allows a slim floor structure that can span up to efficient 12 x 16 meter grids, and the structure is very fast to erect.


Filigree or cast-in-situ slabs

Filigree or solid slabs are floor slabs used mainly in Central European countries. They provide a cost-efficient system, and even allow late design changes for a project. The half-precast floor slabs, filigrees, can be assembled relatively fast, and there is no need for substructures below decking – the concrete ceiling is ready as such.

DELTABEAM® with filigree or in-situ cast slabs offers an effective slim floor structure. The concreting of the in-situ slab or the topping of the filigree can be performed immediately after the assembly of DELTABEAM®s. Filigree slabs can also be used together with DELTABEAM® as a technical filigree slabbing system where HVAC installations are installed in factory.


Steel deckings

Various kinds of steel deckings provide a structure that in general has long spans and is very light. There is no need for any substructures below the decking, and it is also easy to make holes in the floors after assembly, if needed.

When DELTABEAM® and steel deckings are used together, both products successfully utilize way the composite actions together with concrete. And of course, this is one of the lightest structures available in the market.  


Wooden slabs

If a touch of wood is what you are looking for, DELTABEAM® with wooden slabs is your choice. You can read more about combining DELTABEAM® with wooden slabs from our previous blog post.


 DELTABEAM® can be used in a wide variety of applications – without losing any of its benefits:

  • long spans
  • flexible open space
  • additional room height
  • easy and space-saving HVAC installations
  • lower heating and cooling costs
  • integrated fireproofing

Whether you favor smooth wood, shiny steel or rough concrete, DELTABEAM® allows you to achieve the same excellent end result.