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Up with Down Under – Peikko in Australia

By Trent Davis

October, 21, 2019

Peikko’s roots date back to Finnish countryside of the 1960’s. Nowadays, Peikko is a global company employing over 1,800 persons, with 10 manufacturing units all over the world and sales offices in over 30 countries. One of these countries is Australia. Recently, Australia has been on everyone’s lips at Peikko, but why’s that?

Peikko Australia was established in 2013 and currently employs a team of 18 persons. A small company, right? Well, size does not always matter. During recent months Peikko has made some very important moves in Australia.

Scaling up the business

One year ago, Peikko acquired the business of Threadsure Connection Systems and Adjusta of Australia. The companies were on the Australian niche market for building product suppliers, focusing on rebar coupling systems sold to major Australian contractors. The acquired product range fits our offering well in the cast-in-situ market. For Peikko this is an excellent opportunity to scale up the team and operations on the competitive Australian market. Peikko now has offices and warehouses in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth to fully support our customers, and plans to open in Melbourne soon.

Success stories from the market

Peikko’s work in Australia is paying off. Our slim floor solution DELTABEAM® is used, for instance, in the Flagstone shopping center. This project is important for us and will surely lead for more business as DELTABEAM® gains ground.

In Australia Peikko is also participating in the Queen Wharf’s project, which at almost $3.6B is one of the biggest in Australia. Destination Brisbane Consortium’s extensive consultation with Brisbane’s best-in-class architects, urban designers, heritage specialists, landscapers and town planners has resulted in the design of a uniquely Queensland development. The project merges state-of-the-art contemporary architecture with heritage buildings in an exciting new precinct. This new world-class integrated resort development being constructed will put Brisbane on the map as a tourism, leisure and entertainment destination.


These are just two of our ongoing projects, and more will follow. We at Peikko are excited of all the possibilities offered by the business in Down Under, and want to continue our work in this market with the same attitude we show everywhere; with bold innovation and humble customer-service.