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ADJUSTA Joint Reinforcement — Advanced Continuity Reinforcement System

ADJUSTA Joint Reinforcement is a fast and reliable rebar-ferrule connection system, especially suitable for the climbing formwork building technique. The system provides continuity of reinforcement steel across concrete casting joints. ADJUSTA Joint Reinforcement is available for sale in Asia-Pacific.

The ADJUSTA system increases construction quality and efficiency and safety on-site compared to lapping reinforcement bars.

The system comprises ferrule anchors, a unique multiple-use rebate former board, full-capacity threaded rebars (ThreadSURE bars), and reusable connector plugs. Ferrules and bars have predefined resistances in accordance with widely used Eurocode and American Concrete Institute standards.

Ferrule anchors are easily joined to the rebate former board using connector plugs. The complete assembly of former board and ferrules can be attached to formwork or installed to reinforcement. If needed, nailing plate can be used instead of rebate former board. There is no need to penetrate or further modify the formwork.

The rebate former board and connector plugs are made of recycled, durable material and can be reused several times.



Detailed technical information

Comprehensive product information like resistances, required supplementary reinforcement, concrete grades, limitations of use etc. can be found within the Technical Manual. Product details may be country-specific. For design, always use product information that is localized for design's destination country. Country specific Technical Manuals can be found under Documents page, or from website of the country in question.

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