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Invest wisely, combine efficiently - DELTABEAM® with wooden slabs

By Sascha Schaaf

April, 3, 2018

As the only renewable building material, wood has many advantages. It requires less energy to produce in terms of resource extraction, manufacturing and transportation. It also serves to reduce greenhouse gas emissions when used in place of other materials. When combining wood with steel and concrete in a construction, concrete works as a load-bearing enhancing element. This innovative combination allows for the optimal use of the materials and brings many benefits when investing in a building project.

DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure is compatible with precast and cast-in-situ slabs, but what may come as a surprise to many, also with wooden slabs. DELTABEAM® allows for the combination of one of the most ecological materials, wood, and one of the most powerful materials, steel. The wood and steel structure is supplemented by concrete inside the beam and as topping of the slabs in order to form a monolith floor. The wood-concrete compound is joined with the steel-concrete compound to maximize the advantages of both types of construction. A slim floor structure also creates important cost-savings by requiring less building materials. This creates a hybrid that meets the modern requirements of a load-bearing structure in every way.


Built-in fire resistance

It is commonly believed that buildings with wooden structures are less safe in case of fire. To tell you the truth, they are not. When combining DELTABEAM® with wooden slabs, you can achieve a fire protection class of up to 90 minutes without any additional paneling. The ability of a structural frame to resist fire essentially depends on the behavior of its components under high temperatures. The steel cross section is resistant to fire exposure due to being surrounded by concrete, which has high specific heat capacity and low conductivity.  


Flexible and cost-efficient 

Your building does have a certain height limitation, but what if you could add one extra floor without increasing the height of the building? With the extra space, you could have new offices, apartments, or classrooms, which would make the building even more profitable. DELTABEAM® is an excellent solution for creating a slim floor structure with wooden slabs. The beams are not visible and do not extent downward from the ceilings. Slim floor structure also means lower heating and cooling costs for the building, which is cost-efficient and sustainable.

Imagine if you could easily modify your building layout and floor plans with time and according to the needs of the actual users? DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure combined with wooden slabs allows you to create flexible layout and floor plan design - over the entire life cycle of the building. It also enables the creation of open spaces with grids up to 6x12 meters. This is not only architecturally appealing, but it also enables an attractive and distinct appearance for your building.

Sascha Schaaf

Project Development Manager

Peikko Deutschland GmbH