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Peikko announces its sustainable development goals

May, 20, 2021

We decided to define our long-term Sustainable Development Goals according to the definitions of the United Nations.

We at Peikko always choose to be very direct and concrete on what we do, and bring real and measurable value to our customers and other stakeholders. For this reason, we wanted our targets to be very practical, and crystal clear for everyone. In addition, we did not want to have too many of them either. 

We have classified Peikko’s six Sustainable Development Goals under the relevant United Nations’ goal. The goals are closely linked to our business and where we believe we can make the biggest impact to people, planet, and society. These chosen goals are connected to our own operations covering several aspects, and they also support our customers in their actions to decrease CO2 emissions.

Announcing these six goals is step number one. Now, it is time for the next steps; to start running and making things happen. To be able to reach these targets we need the whole Peikko team, and also a set of forward-looking customers who want to lower their carbon footprint. It will not be difficult to find them – Peikko’s customers are smart and eager to further develop their operations.

Have a look at our goals here Peikko striving for the sustainable building industry

Any comments on our sustainability goals? Let us know what you think!

Topi Paananen

Chief Executive Officer

Peikko Group Corporation