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Strusoft FEM-Design Makes the DELTABEAM® Design Process Lean

By Peikko’s blog team

November, 23, 2020

Peikko’s products are aimed to provide solutions to make building processes faster, safer, and more efficient. Often that means that each building needs a tailor-made solution to maximize the benefits.

We recognize that most of our products can’t be simply selected from a catalogue, but rather the customers need good tools and support during the design process. Presented here is a typical design process for DELTABEAM®, which can be now improved with FEM-Design software from Strusoft.

Basic design process in construction business starts from the architect’s building scheme. After that Structural engineer can start to work with structural system (Step 1).

When a model is selected, DELTABEAM® profiles can be predefined either by customer or in co-operation with Peikko’s local engineering team (Step 2). For preselection, Peikko provides DELTABEAM SELECT tool, which can be found via Peikko’s website.

After defining the suitable DELTABEAM® profiles, the detailing can begin (Step 3). For the most common BIM software there are good detailing tools available, and if Peikko’s connection products are included, there is a good set of tools and technical manuals for all our products.

When the structural model and geometry are fixed, Peikko’s engineering team can start the work (Step 4). Each DELTABEAM® is analyzed and optimized accurately with internal tools and detailing is made with Tekla Structures software. Design system is integrated into Peikko’s production and ERP systems, but production does not start before the structural engineer has accepted the design (Step 5).

Peikko has been able to provide tools for customers among the whole process. But it has been noted that customers have often asked questions on how DELTABEAM® profiles can be defined when the initial structural model is analyzed with a global FEM-tool (Step 1).

Now Peikko has taken a nice development step with Strusoft company. As a result of the co-operation, Strusoft have released a new version of their FEM-Design tool, where DELTABEAM® profiles are included. With FEM-Design, it is possible to get a good understanding about global behavior of the structural system with cross sections that are most common in typical DELTABEAM® profile sizes. In addition to this, the software is able to check the maximum capacity for bending resistance of a composite DELTABEAM® profile.

These features make the structural engineer’s design process lean and effective and also the preselection can be made with the FEM-tool during the initial stage. 

This has definitely been an interesting development step for Peikko and the aim is to continue on the same path. Peikko wants to provide new tools and services integrated into the tools that the structural engineers are using in their daily work. This can make the design process faster, more efficient, and hopefully also more FUN.