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DELTABEAM® extreme-case performance laid out in new White Paper

By Peikko's blog team

May, 12, 2020

Peikko’s new White Paper, Ductility Project, DELTABEAM® Slim Floor System, reveals the system’s strong test performance in extreme situations such as earthquakes and column collapses.

To assess the bending behavior of DELTABEAM® in positive movements (sagging), 13 full-sized beams, with various geometry and reinforcing details, were tested at the Institute of Steel Structures of the National Technical University of Athens.

The tests proved that DELTABEAM®, combined with the proper reinforcement, can be used as a ductile and flexible structural element due to its high rotational capacity and ability to withstand huge deformations without losing its strength.

Throughout the tests and despite the large deflections involved, the DELTABEAM® specimens maintained their integrity, with no spalling of concrete and no buckling of the steel plates, rebars and other components.

The Ductility Project also involves testing the bending behavior of DELTABEAM® under negative moments (hogging), and designing an extreme-moment beam-to-column connection.   

This research will increase Peikko’s expertise in determining and designing against bending moments in extreme situations.

Peikko promises ‘a faster, safer and more efficient way to design and build’, which includes leading technical research in the industry. This is one of many projects aimed at providing present and future customers with safe, ductile, robust and economical solutions.           

In addition to the recent ductility tests and this White Paper, Peikko also plans to publish design tools and technical documents associated with the project.

Read Peikko White Paper: Ductility Project, DELTABEAM® Slim Floor System


Simo Peltonen
Senior R&D Manager,
Peikko Group Corporation

Panagiotis Kyriakopoulos
R&D Engineer,
Peikko Group Corporation