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Using Tekla Model Sharing with Your Slim Floor Projects

By Tero Ollikainen

November, 13, 2017

Many companies are talking about BIM, but we at Peikko want to be in the forefront of actually doing things, not just talking about them. That is why we are already using BIM.

During the years 2016 and 2017, we at Peikko implemented a Tekla design process for our DELTABEAM® composite beams, which is integrated with our own ERP and production systems. In practice, this new design process means using Tekla instead of Solid Works in our daily design and manufacturing work. This change, while remarkable, did not come easy, but it has already increased our internal efficiency and reduced errors in our work.

Another important step is that Peikko has increased BIM collaboration with our co-operation partners – structural design companies and construction companies - by using Tekla Model Sharing. With Tekla Model Sharing, Peikko’s engineers can directly input 3D details of DELTABEAM® composite beams or other steel structures into the shared Tekla model. The verification process of a DELTABEAM® from the designer point of view is now minutes instead of weeks. This allows for more flexibility and speed, and results in less errors which benefits all parties involved.

Tekla has been the first design software where Peikko has utilized this kind of model sharing. In fact, we have already used Tekla Model Sharing with projects in the Netherlands, the Nordic countries and Baltics. Indeed, we believe that model sharing is a growing trend and will become more and more common in the future. As these first steps have been very rewarding and successful, we will naturally start to work on similar processes with other global design software.

If you wish to know more, our local DELTABEAM® sales and technical teams are at your service. We are ready to help you make your slim floor projects even better!