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Production at a modern factory gives benefits to the customer

By Peikko’s blog team

March, 19, 2018

Peikko’s new DELTABEAM® factory in Kaunas, Lithuania was designed with a clear focus on customer needs; how to speed up the production to ensure shorter lead times and at the same time ensure the highest quality and flexibility.

Peikko’s Kaunas DELTABEAM® factory was opened in the early fall of 2017, and is now one of the most modern steel beam production facilities in the Baltic countries equipped with modern high-tech. The investment of over 9 million euros involved choosing the best machinery and technology suppliers on the market. The machinery for the production line is mostly from the EU (Austria, Germany, Denmark, Finland etc.), as well as from the USA.

We are ready to produce up to 250 DELTABEAM® composite beams per week in the new Kaunas factory, or 1,000 tons of various metal constructions per month. All our production is based on the principles of LEAN - a systematic method for waste minimization within a manufacturing system. To make sure that each DELTABEAM® meets the requirements, the quality is checked rigorously throughout the manufacturing process.


Quality and speed

The highest quality of the products is a must. In the new factory, different quality indicators are checked in 15 separate steps during the production process. For instance, we are strictly controlling geometric measurements while producing semi-finished parts. To make sure that the beams are properly welded, quality is checked not only at the end of the welding process, but also after every production stage: assembly, longitudinal welding and final welding into rotator area. The surface treatment processes also comply with the highest quality requirements.

The factory’s welding portal for the longitudinal welds ensures not only good quality of the welding process, but also speeds up the process. The CMT Twin welding technology enables creating a seam of up to 8 mm high at one time, which is very important for welding the bottom joints of DELTABEAM®. The extra benefit is that four seams are welded simultaneously, and only one operator manages the entire process. This modern technology provides quality, speed, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.


Aiming to be better every day

Peikko wants to be a global forerunner.  This also means being brave enough to look for the most modern surface treatment technologies in the global market and integrating them into our production process. Let’s take for example a modern catalytic infrared technology specially adapted to dry paint on steel surfaces. The precise mixing ratio for paint components is ensured by using modern 2K painting equipment. With a specially designed infrared drying tunnel (IR Oven), the epoxy primer drying process takes less than 15 minutes, and it is over 20 times faster compared to regular technologies. With this method, also the quality of the paint is fully controlled. These modern technologies help us to be faster and more efficient than our competitors.

Forerunners are doing things differently!