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Architect’s vision meets user needs

By Peikko's blog team

January, 22, 2018

With a striking chessboard façade, the headquarters of Ramboll Finland isn’t one of your normal box-like office buildings. Instead, it was designed to be an environmentally friendly, inspiring and flexible work space.

To inspire and to accommodate

Located next to the Helsinki-Turku motorway, the new Ramboll Finland Head Office boasts a striking green chessboard façade that defies sharp corners. The building complex needed to be an open and flexible space large enough to fit 1,200 people. A custom-shaped DELTABEAM® formwork was used to make up the rounded, fluid corners that give the building its easy-to-approach air.

“The façade is very important to us. We wanted to create a plastic form that combines the four separate masses,” said Leena Brooke of Cederqvist & Jäntti Architects.

Making great architecture real is often about balancing costs with creativity.

“The inbuilt formwork of DELTABEAM® helped to realize the architects’ idea and also ensured an economically viable project,” stated Peikko's Project Manager Jarno Backman.

Interior flexibility

The four building masses are joined together with a large glass roof that extends to the fifth floor. This airy central lobby is the heart of the complex. By choosing a slim floor structure for the project, the new headquarters has a flexible layout while saving space at the same time.

“The basic grid of 8.1 meters would have been feasible also with pre-fabricated concrete beams, but we preferred DELTABEAM® as the beams do not extend downwards from the slab,” Brooke added.

The interior architectural design takes into account the wants and needs of individuals and groups. Larger spaces have been cut into smaller portions for teams, as smaller meeting rooms and quiet workspaces were on the personnel wish list. Taking into consideration the needs of the future was also essential. By choosing DELTABEAM®, the office space can be modified during the whole lifecycle of the building.

With DELTABEAM®, the space that is usually needed for structures can now be used for people instead.