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Behind the Scenes: DELTABEAM SELECT Has a New Role in Design Automation

March, 3, 2021

Peikko Designer® DELTABEAM SELECT is the product where the structural engineer, along with other stakeholders, chooses the frame and floor structure type. It is important for the engineer to find a suitable solution for the floor beams, all relevant boundary conditions considered.

The use of the service has been built to provide cloud selection application in a browser and serves the user DELTABEAM® with profiles that sufficiently and accurately meet the design criteria. So far, this has been an application without straight integration into structural engineers’ workflow. This cloud service has been available now for two years and its use has been steadily expanding.

Now, as Peikko’s DELTABEAM® is gaining more popularity and at the same time, solutions to enhance structural engineers’ workflow are emerging, we have decided to open the service to all structural engineers and engineering applications.

DELTABEAM® Selection Service Integrates with Structural Engineer’s Workflow

Firstly, if an engineering company has any automation in their floor design procedure, we can give them access to our online DELTABEAM SELECT service. Hence, we decided to automate the floor beam selection in engineers’ native design application and to feed these three beam options right in their workflow.

Secondly, we now also offer a reversed process. If an engineer already has a beam selected and in place, they can run the sanity check of their DELTABEAM® profile selections against our service.

That is, the engineer can easily find out the design ratio of already selected beams and get a simple go / no go information on their preselected set of beams. This feature works on the full selection or a list of beams. The beam options are automatically checked one by one and verified instantly. Not ever leaving the native design application at hand.

“The opportunity for such an approach is excellent and pushes the whole industry forward: by opening the service API* to users, tool can be implemented in modern workflows. This way, the designer can take the driver’s seat and concentrate on decision making while the computers provide valuable information on the possible choices,” describes Matias Hirvikoski, Technology Manager of Software Development at A-Insinöörit.

This service’s first implementation has been crafted with A-Insinöörit in Finland and the service integrates with Tekla Structures in the beginning.

*API, Application Programming Interface, services are, by definition, interfaces that provide a program with a description of how to interact with a system in order to retrieve and/or change the data within it.


Read more about DELTABEAM SELECT and start using: DELTABEAM SELECT

This article has been published originally at Connections 2/2020 magazine.

Juha Airola

Senior Manager, Software Development

Peikko Group Corporation