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DELTABEAM® used at Helsinki Airport to meet customer’s special needs

February, 4, 2021

A new, larger Terminal 2 is being built at Helsinki Airport to replace the existing T2 terminal. Peikko DELTABEAM® Frame is used in the project – so Peikko sent their best team to install the frame.

Peikko is offering turnkey solutions for its DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure in Finland. This service was founded since projects are often being too scattered between contractors.

- Basically, we install everything needed for the frame, so that the customer does not need separate contractors for casting, steel structures and so on. After our work is done, the building is ready for HVAC installations and facade, says Tomi Tuukkanen, Business Manager at Peikko Finland.

Big project, fast pass

There were over 40 Peikko team members working on the project of expansion of Terminal 2.

- It’s a big project with unique design features. We got to find special solutions to connect all the blocks since the design includes large arcs and other special features.

The expansion of Terminal 2 has been planned based on adaptability. With DELTABEAM®, the terminal and its features can be easily modified in the future, if needed. DELTABEAM® also allows freedom of design.

- For example, at Helsinki Airport, there is a diamond shaped structure on the frame, which is made possible with DELTABEAM®, Tuukkanen says.

With well-planned cooperation is a key to successfully execute a project like this in record time.

- The expansion is a huge project, but the overall duration is only 9-10 months, whereas projects this size usually take 12-15 months, Tuukkanen says.

Peikko ensures that with fewer contractors and the best knowledge on the product, the customer is always the winner.

The best experts for a unique product

As DELTABEAM® is a forerunner product for slim floors and thus a fairly unique solution, Peikko wants to assign their best experts for the installation. That way the product will easily reach its true potential. Cooperation with technical customer service, sales, installation team and, of course, the customer, is the key to a successful project.

- Peikko is involved in the projects right from the get-go, our team has the best knowledge on how the products are used at the site also, Tomi Tuukkanen summarizes.

Merja Piirainen

Marketing & Communications Manager

Peikko Finland Oy