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Corbel design verified

October, 20, 2020

Peikko has launched a new White Paper on the project: Composite Columns: Corbel design development.

The efficient and precise manufacturing of the DELTABEAM® Frame provides freedom in the architectural design. Flexibility in the frame design can be achieved only if the joints between the structural members are well thought out. The design of the joint has to ensure that the whole frame will remain structurally sound through various design situations, but also enable safe and simple installation.

Joint areas are often crowded due to the structural members, which leads to the situation where the main design objective is not the material or manufacturing time, but available space. For this reason, the components used in the joints cannot be overdesigned.

This White Paper discusses the principal components and load transfer mechanisms of the beam-to-column connections. Here the scope is limited to the transfer of vertical shear from the beam to the composite section of the column. Such connections are presented in the standards or other literature only namely, and design methods are not fully described.

As an outcome of the study, the tools used to design beam-to-column connections, which are currently based on conservative assumptions, can be updated using a more efficient design method.

Read Peikko White Paper: Composite Columns: Corbel design verified

Jaakko Soivio

R&D Engineer

Peikko Group Corporation