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How can Peikko speed up your logistics projects?

May, 20, 2020

People has started to call this Covid-19 based  #StayatHome situation as ”New Normal”. Working from home, staying at home, and reducing traffic for shopping and holidays are a bad hit for the standard of living we used to have, and it is changing our behavior of shopping and purchasing daily necessities.

It is in a way convenient to shop from my sofa, and let service providers to collect and deliver things to my door. This leads to the situation that the construction focus has also moved towards effective warehousing and distribution, and the change is fast.

Warehouses have not been fancy references at our webpages, but if you filter the warehouse projects, you see that so far, we have already been involved in tens of projects. So, why and what do we have to offer you?

Peikko has solutions from down to top

Starting from building precast concrete frames, our bolted connections are ideal to repetitive fast and safe column to foundation installations, as well as stiffening column to beam connections in biggest frames. The bigger the frame, the better, though same benefits will be reached in small warehouses, too. Our TERAJOINT® expansion joints have been installed in numerous warehouse floors to provide superior flatness. Untreated, hot dip galvanized, and stainless versions were delivered, curved and straight, outside and inside.

In case you need a multi-story logistics space, DELTABEAM® provides you loadbearing wide open spaces, with steel-composite or precast concrete columns. Even if you need roof trusses made of steel, Peikko may be the answer in the Baltics and Central Eastern Europe.

Need more floor space to your existing logistics facility? How about asking Peikko first – we just participated in a project in South Africa, where we enabled an extra floor with our precast solutions and DELTABEAM® – without stopping ongoing logistics operations. Building a logistics facility is easy with prefabricated Peikko solutions.

Petri Suur-Askola

Business Development Director

Peikko Group Corporation