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How Peikko ensures anchor bolt performance

July, 2, 2020

Anchor bolts transfer forces from steel or precast concrete columns, into concrete foundations or to another column. Using high-quality anchor bolts helps to maximize the reliability of the whole structure.

In Europe, the reliability of structural works is usually assessed by demonstrating their conformity with Eurocodes. However, while these codes outline detailed verification methods for many structural components of a building, they do not set explicit performance requirements for anchor bolts. The current Eurocodes, EN 1993-1-8 or EN 1992-4, define the anchor bolt in general terms, as a bar with a thread and an anchorage part (either a ribbed bar or one equipped with mechanical anchorage).


Anchor bolt as defined by EN 1993-1-8, left, compared with Peikko HPM® anchor bolts


Although such a definition is generally fine, users of the code will face the following challenges when referring to it in design:

  • What should be the bar’s raw material so it can be threaded?
  • How do various thread manufacturing methods affect final thread performance?
  • How will threading affect the mechanical properties of the bar?
  • How to ensure that the mechanical anchorage devices have enough anchorage capacity and are firmly attached to the bar?

These questions are automatically answered when using HPM® anchor bolts manufactured by Peikko, whose essential characteristics have been declared and confirmed by the European Technical Assessment ETA 02/0006. For the purpose of the ETA, the mechanical properties of the anchor bolts have been determined by tests and validated by an independent building authority, Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik, DIBt. The constancy of performance, meaning that each bolt manufactured has at least the same properties as those declared in the ETA, is ensured by thorough checks of the raw materials used, continuous quality control and by third-party inspections.

While many can thread a bar, Peikko actually guarantees the reliability, performance and effectiveness of the final product. Given our confidence in our own anchor bolts, why risk anything less? 

Ján Bujňák

Vice President, Product Development

Peikko Group Corporation