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DIBt and Peikko cooperating to ensure safe construction

By Peikko's blog team

November, 25, 2019

Product approvals and certificates protect people's safety, health and welfare in built environments.

To maximize the safety of construction works, it is essential to use the most reliable, appropriate construction products and techniques. Peikko’s business is based on product approvals, which are certificates that prove we have tested and verified our products and design methods. This gives structural designers the security of knowing that when using our items in project design, they really work.

It is not that long time ago that launching a product was quite a challenge for Peikko as a global player. Products had to undergo various national approval and certification procedures with differing requirements, and coordinating these processes tended to take a lot of time and effort. Now, this is partly history, since more and more focus is placed on Eurocodes and European Technical Assessment (ETA) appraisals.

The improvements are exemplified by our successful cooperation with Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt). DIBt is a technical authority and service provider for the construction sector located in Berlin, Germany. The Institute has about 230 employees and plays a pivotal role for the European construction industry. DIBt uses its approvals and assessments to ensure the safety of construction works and encourage the development of innovative construction products and techniques.

To further deepen cooperation, a couple of years ago Peikko established a team that works closely with DIBt. We have successfully cooperated with DIBt in more than 12 projects, and more are being planned. The project outcomes, whether national German approvals or ETAs, enable us to show our customers the reliability and the applicability of our products.

It is vital that DIBt manages Peikko’s data in a confidential and neutral way and has the technical competence to understand our products. Similarly, we understand DIBt’s calculations, test results, and all its requirements. Together Peikko and DIBt have built up strong trust, respect and understanding – the foundations of our great cooperation.