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Information exchange with multiple software - the future of structural design?

By Stefan Gavura

December, 18, 2017

Peikko Designer® software helped with designing the project that won the annual global design contest of SCIA Company, a member of the Nemetschek Group. The winner of the Special Prize of the Jury was HESCON s.r.o with their football stadium project, located in Dunajská Streda, Slovakia.

The main reason why this project proved to be so successful was the advanced implementation of BIM (Building Information Modeling). BIM allowed for very effective collaboration between different software which improved the design process and enabled the creation of challenging and appealing structures.

Peikko Designer® was used for the design of column connections with foundations.

One part of success with this project was the delivery of column shoes with anchor bolts and anchoring couplers, and another was changing the way of thinking during the execution phase. The first stage of column-to-foundation connections was done as a mix of bolted connections and socket foundations, while in next stage, the advantage of bolted connections won over the conventional method and column foundations were done using only bolted connections.

To quote the jury:

“To BIM or not to BIM was not the question in this interesting stadium. SCIA Engineer offered the central information model that was exchanged with other software, such as Allplan, Tekla, Peikko Designer® and Hilti. Moreover, advanced calculations like dynamic effects and fire resistance were performed.”

More information can be found on SCIA Company’s website.


One for all, all for one?

In the modern, rapidly changing world of design it may no longer be possible for a single software to be the one and only. New features and new requirements are continuously emerging and keeping up with them is becoming more and more difficult. The collaboration between different software programs can bring us a competitive advantage, if it enables us to better fulfil the needs of our customer. Getting the best out of the software programs can bring the best solution to the one who matters – the customer.


SCIA is a software company headquartered in Belgium and a member of the global operating Nemetschek Group. It organizes annually a global contest for users of their integrated 3D Structural Design Software called SCIA Engineer. The contest awards design projects, and in 2017 it had 124 participating structural and civil engineering projects.

Štefan Gavura

Product Manager

Reinforcement Products

Peikko Group Corporation